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Bible Verse Books

Created by: Jessica Maliepaard; Illustrated by David Perez Jupin
San Diego, Spain, NY
United States of America

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This is the first of Lord willing more Bible Verse Books. "Love is patient and kind...". These words in this book will give knowledge to babies, children, and adults on how to really Love causing healing, hope, direction, encouragement, and every good thing in their hearts, homes, and life. My two year old and I memorized a Bible Verse this way! So why are you still sitting there: Go give "Love"! And if times are hard: e-mail for a lower price. Also available on Amazon
Beauty Consulting, Arts, Babysitting & Nannies, Day Care Center, Elementary Schools, Nursery Schools, Gift & Party Store, News & Books, Hobbies, Toys & Games, Life Coach